ZIKA DOOMSDAY HOAX UNRAVELS: Predicted ‘explosion’ of brain defects didn’t happen… entire scare campaign was manufactured

Zika Virus Hoax

(NaturalNews) From the incredibly 1st working day Zika hysteria was catapulted into mass recognition, I have effectively known as it a substantial hoax. My most lately report spells out the real agenda behind the noticeable quackery of Zika hysteria. It is entitled Staged Zika pandemic was engineered by globalist governments to justify the aerial bombardment of awakening populations with harmful chemical substances.

Now, the Zika fraud has started to unravel as the Zika doomsday predictions unsuccessful to materialize. (How could the predictions be proper in the 1st position? It was all based on infectious disorder quackery and viral voodoo.) “Brazil’s Ministry of Wellness has launched an investigation into the cluster of infants born with mind defects joined to the Zika virus, after an envisioned ‘explosion’ of circumstances throughout the nation did not happen,” stories The Globe and Mail (Canada).

It turns out that even however Zika-carrying mosquitoes spread throughout Brazil and infected untold hundreds of thousands of folks, those infections in no way translated into neurodevelopmental start defects (shrunken brains).

The Zika virus alone, in other phrases, is not resulting in a wave of microcephaly, which is precisely what I have been accurately telling absolutely everyone considering that working day one.

“The bulk of the circumstances of congenital Zika syndrome – fetal mind defects that in some cases cause microcephaly, or abnormally small skulls – remain clustered in the northeast location of the nation,” stories the astonished Globe and Mail. This defies all the “formal” predictions, of study course, which warned the globe of a doomsday Zika scenario where by human beings in all the tropical areas of the globe would be reduced to babbling, stunted deformed creatures except if we all agreed to be bombarded by aerial pesticide chemical substances.

From the Globe and Mail:

“We can see there is a type of cluster in [section of] the northeast location with large prevalence and large severity, of miscarriage and congenital malformation that is definitely critical,” explained Fatima Marinho, coordinator of epidemiological evaluation and information at the ministry.

“But we didn’t locate this in other states – even the [adjacent] states didn’t see the same situation as in the epicentre.… We have been preparing for an explosion and it didn’t appear. “So we started to assume that in this central spot perhaps a lot more than Zika is resulting in this intensity and severity.”

Be aware that even now, these researchers however won’t be able to confess they have been improper. They won’t be able to say that Zika has nothing at all to do with the microcephaly circumstances. And they most assuredly won’t be able to confess that it was a larvicide chemical dumped into the h2o supply that brought about the neurodevelopmental deformities from the incredibly starting.

Still, the moment once again, Zika hysteria dominated the scientifically illiterate media, in substantially the same way that the weather adjust hoax also grabs headlines. In both circumstances, you have the combination of fake anxiety and bad science, amplified by a scientifically illiterate (but politically compliant) mainstream media, and considered by a gullible population of cowardly shoppers who drop for just about every quack science hoax perpetrated on them by dishonest government.

To display how ridiculous the status quo theory is on Zika, contemplate the truth that the documented microcephaly circumstances in Brazil appeared predominantly in black Brazilians of reduced financial status.

Now, if you imagine the Zika doomsday researchers, that can only happen if mosquitoes are racially profiling folks and selectively focusing on black folks after checking their lender accounts to make absolutely sure they’re also bad. Such a belief is, of study course, completely ridiculous.

Mosquitoes really don’t care what coloration you are. All they know is that you might be a heat-blooded being with a resource of nutrients they need to have.

So what’s the real rationalization for the cluster of microcephaly circumstances among reduced money areas of Brazil where by predominantly black-skinned folks live? Simply because that is where by they dumped the “pyroproxyfen” chemical into the h2o!

Pyroproxyfen is the larvicide chemical made use of by the Brazilian government to try to quell mosquito populations in the poorer, a lot more rural areas of Brazil. The chemical, as I have exhaustively documented below on Organic News, is effective by destroying the neurological improvement of bugs. A team of researchers in Brazil now sounded the alarm about pyroproxyfen, indicating it was the actual cause of the microcephaly.

As reported in Organic News, Feb. 11, 2016:

From the doctors at Pink Universitaria de Ambiente y Salud (the Pink College of Atmosphere and Wellness):

A dramatic raise of congenital malformations, in particular microcephaly in newborns, was detected and quickly joined to the Zika virus by the Brazilian Ministry of Wellness. However, they are unsuccessful to recognise that in the spot where by most sick people live, a chemical larvicide generating malformations in mosquitoes has been utilized for eighteen months, and that this poison (pyroproxyfen) is utilized by the Condition on consuming h2o made use of by the impacted population.

Pyroproxyfen is really harmful to all sorts of existence that have a nervous technique and carries a lot of critical warnings about its toxicity. See PubChem for facts.

What we are all witnessing with Zika doomsday hysteria is one of the most obscene scientific hoaxes of the ten years, next only to the weather adjust hoax that is however being perpetrated by the hucksters and con artists of incompetent (and corrupt) government.

An additional telling admission in the noticeable fraud of the Zika doomsday hoax is the plain truth that Zika virus has been around for sixty – 70 several years. Still it has in no way been located to cause microcephaly in advance of. Hmmm…

The mainstream media even admits all this. By way of the Globe and Mail:

The virus presently infecting Brazilians is a new, Asian strain of Zika, which was discovered a lot more than sixty several years ago but in no way associated with congenital complications, or recognized to be sexually transmissible, as this strain is.

And that is why all the doomsday warnings about Zika in no way unfolded:

Following Brazil, the following nation that was envisioned to see the wave of congenital Zika was Colombia, which has the next-largest number of reported Zika circumstances. But of a lot more than twelve,000 pregnant Colombian ladies with Zika, only 21 have had fetuses or infants with the mind defects.

So wait a moment. All this Zika hysteria is being pushed throughout Florida and the United States even after twelve,000 pregnant Colombian ladies with Zika resulted in just 21 infants with mind defects?

People, 21 out of twelve,000 mind defects is a Usual Amount, with or without having Zika. Zika has nothing at all to do with it. Which is just .one hundred seventy five% of infants being born with mind deformities of some type. But if you hear to the Zika hysteria of CNN, you may be persuaded Zika will cause a ninety nine% mind deformity amount!

According to the delirious point out-run media of the United States, Zika is so exceptionally dangerous that Olympic athletes are refusing to contend in Rio out of the horrifying anxiety that they may catch Zika. Lady are cancelling their vacations to Florida. The sheeple are managing around like chickens with their heads slash off, frantically slathering by themselves with harmful DEET bug sprays in the hope that their personal brains would not be turned to mush by Zika.

I have obtained information for them: Their brains have now been turned to mush by the mainstream media that promoted this Zika doomsday hoax from the get go. And other than, if you might be heading to slather yourself with bug spray, use my essential oils-based Bugs Absent Spray which is DEET totally free. Still, even when I’m plugging my personal natural bug spray, I’m telling you correct up entrance that Zika is a complete hoax. Even if you might be infected, it is really in fact no major deal. Even the CDC admits most folks carrying Zika are entirely symptomless and have to have no hospitalization at all. (They really don’t even realize they have been infected.)

The CDC also admits, by the way, that you will self-immunize against Zika on the 1st publicity.

Feel about it: We have obtained hundreds of thousands of folks managing around poisoning by themselves with chemical bug sprays to safeguard by themselves from a faux, fabricated viral “shrunken brains” menace that is not even real.

So to safeguard by themselves from a fictional boogeyman, they are supplying by themselves real cancer from the harmful chemical substances in well-liked bug sprays. The abject idiocy of all this is astonishing, even to those of us who have now resigned to the truth that most sheeple are far too terrified into obedient compliance to dare assume for by themselves.

Consider the very simple truth that if Zika definitely brought about microcephaly, all the populations of Brazil, Colombia and even Haiti or Cuba would have collapsed many years ago. The background textbooks would be comprehensive of documented microcephaly pandemics, and respectable researchers would have been finding out this considering that the 1950’s.

It is a very simple query: If Zika is so bad and spreading so promptly, Where ARE ALL THE SHRUNKEN HEAD Infants? Except for a incredibly small number who have been born to pregnant ladies exposed to harmful chemical substances, the “wave” of shrunken head infants in no way materialized. They really don’t exist!

But no, we’re intended to imagine that magically, without having any unique reason, Zika abruptly and spontaneously started focusing on black Brazilians of reduced financial status, resulting in mind deformities in their young children but no one else’s. It is ludicrous at just about every degree of scientific and significant considering.

Convert this all around and contemplate the following: If, two several years ago, a person in the option media had claimed that mosquitoes have been carrying a virus that selectively brought about shrunken brains only in folks with black skin and reduced incomes, we would have been known as lunatics by the establishment. But when the establishment suggests the same ridiculous factor, abruptly it is really heralded as “science!” … no make any difference how absurd the statements.

Sure, there are shrunken brains all above our globe, but they’re not brought about by Zika. They’re brought about by folks stupidly believing all the things they see reported by CNN’s scientifically illiterate propagandists.

Sure, there is an epidemic of shrunken brains in America, and it is really brought about by observing cable information. If you imagine anything at all you see on CNN, you might be almost certainly dumber than a mosquito.

And now that you know what a complete farce the Zika doomsday scare campaign definitely is, talk to yourself this very simple query: Do you imagine anything at all the mainstream media stories about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?