The Good News About Endometriosis After Menopause

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Menopause is a time of life that most girls dread, but if you happen to be an endometriosis sufferer, menopause may possibly be the break you have been waiting for. Why? Menopause is a standard element of aging that practically each and every lady experiences. It is the time when estrogen levels drop and the ovaries no longer make eggs. As a outcome, a lady no longer has a menstruation cycle due to the all-natural cessation of ovarian function. Menopause is the finish of a woman’s reproductive cycle.

Menopause typically happens naturally for most girls when they are in their late 40’s or early 50’s. However, some girls may possibly be pushed abruptly into menopause at any age if they have their ovaries removed, or take particular forms of chemotherapies for cancer therapy.

Although menopause has its personal host of unpleasant symptoms that a lady is forced to deal with as her physique adapts to modify, it has been identified to have 1 good side impact for endometriosis sufferers – It typically puts an finish to painful endometriosis symptoms.

To assistance you totally fully grasp the good influence menopause has on endometriosis, the following are some answers to popular inquiries relating to the concern:

How does menopause boost endometriosis symptoms?

The hormone estrogen is no longer created for the duration of menopause. Estrogen is what stimulates endometriosis development. Thus, most girls no longer really feel discomfort, as the endometrial tissue no longer grows or breaks down since the menses cycle has ceased.

Does menopause remedy endometriosis?

No, you require to fully grasp that menopause does not remedy endometriosis. However, for most girls, it appears to place it in an eternal state of sleep. Nevertheless, symptoms of endometriosis can nevertheless happen at any time, even although for most girls not taking hormone replacement therapy this is uncommon.

Can endometriosis symptoms nevertheless happen immediately after menopause?

Yes. For some girls, in particular these who have a serious case of endometriosis and knowledgeable sturdy symptoms prior to the quit of their cycle, endometriosis can nevertheless persist immediately after menopause, in particular if a lady has scar tissue. Often the explanation why endometriosis persists is due to hormone replacement therapy that offers the physique with estrogen, which is taken by girls to assistance with menopausal symptoms.

Is hormone therapy required for menopause?

No. However, some girls who go by way of menopause take hormone replacement therapy to assistance protect against and treat osteoporosis. Estrogen plays an crucial part in creating and preserving sturdy and wholesome bones. Lack of estrogen causes cells that create bone to grow to be significantly less active, which increases the danger of bone loss.

Aside from maintaining bones wholesome, estrogen also plays a significant part in maintaining the vagina moist, assisting it to guard against infection. Thus, numerous girls take estrogen hormone replacement therapy for these motives. Unfortunately, estrogen stimulates the development of endometrial implants, which can lead to a recurrence in painful symptoms.

There are distinctive methods you can assistance treat your menopausal symptoms brought on by lack of estrogen with no significantly growing your danger of reactivating endometriosis symptoms. Talk to your physician about your situation. He or she may possibly be in a position to present you with therapy that limits the quantity of estrogen you give back to your physique, or they may possibly be in a position to prescribe you creams or other treatment options to assistance with vaginal dryness and other menopausal symptoms.